Snackcess Office Snacks

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VAT Excluded. Free UK Delivery.

*Instructions below* 

🍿 Healthy and Delicious Snacks including a selection of healthy bars, crisps, chocolates, fruits jerky, nuts, trail mix, drinks and coffees. We constantly update snacks so your teams can try the newest and tastiest snacks  

🧑‍💻 Complete Personalisation since you have access to an online portal where you can choose the snacks each week that your team will love. 

🍴Snacks for all Dietary Requirements so that everyone can enjoy and no one feels left out.

🤩 Free Office Snack Stand

🏢 Free UK Delivery to any address across the UK.


1. You’ll need an account to place a Snackcess subscription for your office so make sure you make an account with us beforehand  

2. Click ‘Select Choices’ and choose the snacks you would like in your first office box (don’t worry you can change these every week).

3. Once you’ve chosen your snacks, head to the checkout and pop in your payment information and delivery information. 

4. We deliver snacks to your office every week! You can log in to your account and change the snacks you would like for your next order.