Nooro Bar Banana + Cinnamon


Nooro make CBD-infused bars to help you align your mind and taste buds. Made with nutritious ingredients and natural nootropics, Nooro’s oat snack bars were created for slow-release energy, with CBD-infused flavours allowing you to focus better. Each snack bar is packed with 25mg of CBD, natural plant nootropics and ingredients that are healthy for your body, mind and life.

This chewy oat bar provides the perfect blend of sweetness from the banana and crunchiness from the chocolate chips. While the cinnamon helps to balance out blood sugars os that you don't get a large spike in blood sugar after consuming this bar. It contains 25mg of UK grown CBD therefore is perfect for people who find benefits from consuming CBD such as relaxation and focus. It also includes natural nootropics such as L-theanine which promotes relaxation and creativity and Maca which can help increase energy and focus. A truly unique and brain focused bar that tastes surprisingly good. 

However, there are some downsides. It is quite an expensive bar however given the high quality ingredients it uses we think it still provides good value. It is however difficult to find apart from a few select retailers such as Planet Organic. However, the site is launching in 2020 therefore it should start to become easier to purchase in the near future.


Overall, this is a fantastic bar if you are looking for something to increase productivity therefore is a fantastic afternoon snack during work days. We would definitely recommend it if you are willing to spend a premium for a high quality product.