LÄRABAR Banana Choc Chip

LÄRABAR started out on a hike in the mountains of Colorado with the idea of combining simple ingredients to create tasty, real and convenient products that everyone can enjoy. It was the original fruit and nut bar and since being founded it has inspire many other brands to make healthier products. Today, it is one of the biggest snack brands in the world. 

Banana Choc Chip only uses five ingredients consisting of fruit, nuts and choc chips to make one of the best tasting healthy bars out there. Dates provides the chewiness, nuts provide some crunch and the banana provides a sweet after taste. The fact that it only uses 5 whole ingredients and nothing else makes this a healthy option between meals. 

You can find these bars in Sainsbury as well as online fairly easily. However, it can be quite expensive with 3 bars costing around £3.50. These are however quite filling bars therefore provide good value. 

Overall, this a fantastic snack and has been the leader in its industry for a long time now. We love the brand and what it stands for, the bar tastes amazing and it only uses whole ingredients.