Doisy & Dam Dark Chocolate Goji & Orange

 Doisy & Dam believe in a better world, a world of better ingredients, better ethics and better chocolate. When it comes to ingredients in their chocolate they believe in two rules: as few as possible and the best possible. 

This bar combines dark Columbian chocolate with chewy goji berries and zesty orange to make a flavour packed bar that is unique. Dark Chocolate provides a whole host of health benefits particularly for the brain however this bar is 70% Cocoa content which means it is slightly higher in sugar than other dark chocolate bars therefore some of the health benefited are reduced. Nevertheless they add in goji berries, a superfood, known for its immune boosting benefits. 

These can be bought in a mini bar or a larger sharing bar in most supermarkets across the UK as well as through their online store. This is high quality chocolate therefore comes at a premium price however is very satiating. 

Overall, this is a great brand who are trying to create positive change through their chocolate. This is a unique packed full of flavour and health benefits.