Clif Bar Chocolate Chip

Clif Bar is one of the original healthy energy bars coming from the U.S.A, founded in 1992. Named after the founder's father Clifford, Clif Bar was founded during a bike ride when Gary Erickson (founder) had a bite of an energy bar and thought he could make something a lot better. After countless recipes in his mum's kitchen Clif Bar was finally founded.

Chocolate Chip is their original flavour and it still going strong today. This is one of if not the best tasting energy bars out there and has a delicious chewy texture from the rolled gluten-free oats combined with the crunch of the chocolate chips. 

This bar is packed full of energy and protein (9g). It is a source of vitamins B6 and B12 which lead to the sustained release of energy. Despite this it is not one of the healthiest snacks we have tried as it is high in sugar and calories. Therefore, we recommend this as a snack for very active people. 

You can normally pick these bars up for around £1.50 individually or pick up a pack of 12 for £15. Given how filling the bar is this is pretty good value. However, if you are looking to pick one of these up in the UK it can be quite hard in stores therefore your best bet is online. 

Overall, Clif Bar is a fantastic snack for very active people as it is packed full of energy and protein. It is fantastic brand that supports athletes all over the world in addition to supporting the planet through its foundation.